[ Leau Claire ] Probiotics YOGERLACTO 設定

[ Leau Claire ] Probiotics YOGERLACTO 設定, Korean, 食品 , Leau Claire, Y60, 內含 8 種專利 20 億 CFU 高機能性乳酸菌, 專利四層塗層安全地到達 intestines, 三重功能增強健康, 改善腸移動並增強免疫力, 一膠囊 / 天、水, koreanmall

[Leau Claire]

  • 內含 8 種專利 20 億 CFU 高機能性乳酸菌
  • 專利四層塗層安全地到達 intestines
  • 三重功能增強健康
  • 改善腸移動並增強免疫力
  • 一膠囊 / 天、水


    Product InstructionsCompany:Yonje Co., Ltd.
    Address:#401, 398 Gajeong-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon
    Product NameYOGERLACTO Probiotics Set
    Product TypeHealth functional food
    Content30cap * 2
    Country of OriginKorea
    Shelf Life18 months
    Name of
    Raw Materials
    One capsule/day, with water
    Functional ingredients
    (per dose)
    Probiotics, Selenium, Zn
    Packaging formPackaging materialsNo of tabletsWeight (Kg)Bar code number
    TripleInside: PTP, outside: box20.0028806109705633
    Mfg. processRaw materials→extraction→filtering→mixing→filtering→filling→packaging→
    self-inpsection of quality→end product
    ① Functions     
    Improving bowel movement and enhancing immunity
    ② Features     
     ① Containing eight-types of patented 20 billion CFU high-functional lactic acid bacteria
     ② Patented four-layer coating to safely reach the intestines
     ③ Triple functions for enhanced health
    ③ Recommended for 
     ① Those ewho need to improve intestinal health   
     ② Those who are suffering from poor immunity   
     ③ Thos who want to inout diverse lactic acid bacteria into the intestines   

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    [ Leau Claire ] Probiotics YOGERLACTO 設定


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